Phuket Vegetarian Festival


Phuket Vegetarian Festival has kicked off to get a 10 day long party of everything vegetarian. The annual occurrence is anything individuals come from far and wide to encounter, and the festival is famous world wide as among the best of its type. Throughout the festival participants keep a strict vegetarian diet. The entire festival is a celebration of wellness, good hygiene, goodness, and serves to encourage inner peace.

This traveler brought back holy writings that are utilized in the festival on the 7th night. This is the starting position of the festival which starts on the first night of the ninth lunar month, continuing till the ninth.

The festival was created to spread the good fortune experienced on that first example to the broader community for all to profit from the spirituality and nourishment linked to vegetarianism. Today around 30-35% of Thai individuals are vegetarian – comparable to the number in China, the only area in the globe with higher numbers is close India with an estimated 40%.

As these areas are ready, devils are released by the Taoist Master to defend people who participate in the festival because of its duration. They’re the famous performances of the festival with grotesque displays of flesh cutting with maces and axes as well as body piercing with nails, skewers and guns.

Whilst walking throughout the festival you can often see such individuals with different objects dangling by hooks from their chests and backs. Since the festival is certainly one of purity, alcohol and drugs are strictly forbidden through the 10 days.

The very first ritual of the festival in Phuket is the mid-day before where rods are erected at each temple. These rods are lit with lanterns to indicate the start of the festival. This year, Phuket new Governor Chockchai Dejamornthan came to the island at noon to open the festival and also to preside over the lantern pole raising ritual. Gods Lam Tao and Pak Tao are invoked and these are said to keep an eye on the living and the dead.

Here’s where one can experience a few of the most impressive ritual entertainment of the festival with individuals climbing bladed ladders, walking through fire, and bathing in hot oil.

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